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    48V-72V 1500W-3000W 45A Sine Wave 3-mode Intelligent Controller with Colorful LCD Display for eBike Electric Bike
    Very important Notice:
    Regenerative Function is only valid for 48V/52V, if you want regenerative function for 60V/72V, please cliick and buy 60V/72V Control system.
    This controller can
    only work without display or with our display, please never use it with your own display (because program is different)

    Why 3-mode Controller?
    Support Hall Sensor Mode (Sine Wave Mode)
    Support Non-Hall Mode (If your motor hall sensor burned or not match, controller will still work in square wave mode)
    Self-learning Function: Even wrong 3-phase combination between motor and controller, doesn’t matter, above self-learning process can correct it!

    Parts Including:
    1. 15 MOSFET 45A 48V 52V 60V 72V Universal Voltage 1500W-3000W Intelligent 3-mode Sine Wave Controller
    2. 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V UKC1 Colorful Display (Optional)

    1. Sine Wave Controller which support 3-mode (hall sensor mode, non-hall mode, self-learning) and smart match with each motor through self-learning, works with high efficiency, less noise, and lower energy consumption, which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control, give you best pedal experience
    2. Universal Input Voltage Range: 48V/52V/60V/72V
    3. Work with or without display
    4. Parameter setting via display
    5. All protection make it long life and safe: over/under voltage, over current, over load, over heating, anti-runaway, locked-motor protection
    6. Multi functions: Work with hall sensor mode or non-hall mode, smart match with different motor, 3/5/9-speed level for throttle and PAS, Current limit, Speed limit, Reverse, Push Assistant, Anti-thief, Regenerative Braking (Can set different level: Off, Standard, Weak, Strong), Speed detecting (Magnet quantity simulated or internal speed sensor) and etc.
    7. Best heat sinking with Aluminium Case
    8. Black anodized Aluminium Controller Case against scratch
    Technical Data:
    General Specification:
    1. Rated Power: 48V 1056W/ 52V 1144W/ 60V 1320W/ 72V 1584W
    2. Peak Power: 48V 2160W/ 52V 2340W/ 60V 2700W/ 72V 3240W
    3. Brake: Low Voltage Brake
    4. Alarm: Low Voltage Alarm
    5. Rotor Position Detecting Method: Hall sensor
    6. Size: 212x86.5x48.5mm
    7. Net Weight: 610g
    8. Waterproof Grade: IP65

    LCD Specification: 3.5 inch IPS screen
    1) Input Voltage: 24V/36V/48V/52V/60V/72V
    2) Rated operating power: 1W
    3) Max operating power: 5W
    4) USB charging port: 5V 500mA
    5) Off leakage current: < 1uA
    6) Support current to controller: 100mA
    7) Size: 111.1*66.8*82.8mm
    8) Waterproof grade: IP65
    9) Operating temperature: -20~70℃, 
    10) Storage temperature: -30~80℃
    1.  How shall I match my motor for first time use? (Very Important)
    (Please check Controller Connection Diagram and Manual, Page 1)
    1). Lift your motor wheel off ground (very important)
    2). If you connect with display, please make sure PAS/Throttle Speed Level is at any level more than 0 level
    3). Connect Self-learning plug 6-8 seconds
    4). You will see motor wheel rotate slowly
    5). Please check whether rotation direction is correct
    (a). If correct direction, then keep 6-8 seconds, then disconnect
    (b). If reverse direction, then disconnect and plug again till get correct rotation direction, then keep 6-8 seconds, then disconnect
    6). Motor and Controller Pairing finished!

    2. Can I use this controller without display?
    Yes, you can use this controller without display, just need to connect jumper connector (Please check Controller Connection Diagram and Manual, Page 4, point No.3). But if you want to have and change ABS setting (Reg. function) and use Cruise function, have to buy our UKC1 display together. 

    3. How can I limit speed?
    In some countries, below 25km/h speed is required on road, you can switch on/off speed limit function by connecting a simple switch to controller speed limit plug, or you can even connect jumper connector to always limit speed (Please check Controller Connection Diagram and Manual, Page 6, point No.8) 
    4. How can I active Regenerative braking function?
    This function need to use together with UKC1 display, please enter "Advanced Setting",  there is "ABS Levels" option (0-3). "0" means turn off; "1" means weak; "2" means standard; "3" means strong--- we don't recommend to use 3, it is too strong, we will not be responsible for controller or motor damage due to this setting (ABS level=3) 

    5. How can I use cruise function?
    This function need to use together with UKC1 display, please keep throttle at speed not change, and long press "Down" key at same time will active cruise function, press any key or operate brake or throttle to change speed will stop Cruise function.
    Manual Download:
    1. Controller Connection Diagram and Manual Download
    2. UKC-1 Display Manual Download

48V-72V 1500W-3000W 45A 3-mode Sine Wave ebike Controller with Colorful LCD Display (Regenerative only for 48V)

3-Mode Controller: Hall Sensor mode, Non-hall sensor mode, self-learning;
Rated Power: 48V 1056W/ 52V 1144W/ 60V 1320W/ 72V 1584W;
Peak Power: 48V 2160W/ 52V 2340W/ 60V 2700W/ 72V 3240W
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