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    Exclusive Customized QS273 High Power 48V 60V 72V 5000W-10800W 19"Ebike Conversion Kits with Intelligent Programmable Sine Wave Controller and UKC1 Colorful Display

    The wheel size comes with 19" Motorcycle Wheel (19x1.85 Rim, 70/100-19 Off-road Motorcycle Tire or 80/100-19 All Terrain Motorcycle Tire). The OD of 19" Motorcycle Wheel with 70/100-19" Off-Road Tire is OD=630mm or 80/100-19" All Terrain Tire is OD=633mm; please ensure your frame is suitable with such size wheel), Motor dropout width: 155-160mm rear hub motor (Single-speed Gear) is required
    This kit include all you need to convert a bike to an E-bike, except the battery! (We also supply battery, please kindly check our battery category.)

    Features of the Product:
    1. 48V,60V,72V 5000W-10800W Brushless Gearless Rear Hub Motor Wheel with 18T Single Speed Freewheel (Includes Tire and tube), Rated: 48V 5000W- 72V 7500W, Peak: 48V 7200W- 72V 10800W
    2. Sabvoton 48V/60V/72V Universal 150A Sine Wave Intelligent Programmable Controller
    3. 48V, 60V, 72V Full color TFT UKC1 Display 
    4. Hydraulic Disc Brake (Brake Levers and Calipers)
    5. Twist Throttle
    6. Pedelec Assistant Sensor/8 Magnetic PAS Drive
    7. Alarm System, Remote start + Alarm + Motor Lock
    8. Bluetooth module (to change setting via Mobile Phone)
    9. Optional Parts: 19" Motorcycle Front Wheel with hollow type hub

    High Quality 48,60,72V 5000-10800W Brushless Gearless Hub Motor Wheel, Rated: 48V 5000W- 72V 7500W, Peak: 48V 7200W- 72V 10800W
    High Quality 24 MOSFET 150A 3000-5000W Sine Wave Controller, Voltage/Limit Current/Speed and so on can be set through Mobile APP
    36V, 48V, 60V, 72V Full color TFT UKC1 Display (with 5-level PAS, speed limit, speed display, Regenerative Function)
    DNP High Quality High Torque eBike 18-teeth Freewheel.
    Remote start + Alarm + Motor Lock
    Applicable to E-Bike, E-Motorcycle, E-Tricycle and so on
    Tile Magnet,low noise and long working life
    Certificates: CE, EN60335-1:2012+A112014
    High Motor Efficiency: >90%
    Max Torque: >190 N.M.
    Speed: About 110km/h-120km/h
    Hub dropout width: 155-160mm rear hub motor (Single-speed Gear) is required
    Axle Size: M16x12mm

    Motor Types:
    The 3.5T Motor is high speed version which is suitable for road riding. The maximum speed is about 120km/h with 150A Controller. 
    The 5T Motor is high torque version which is suitable for slope climbing riding. The maximum speed is about 90km/h with 150A controller.

    Controller Advantage:
    1.Programmable Sine Wave Controller which support big current and smart match with each motor through self-learning, works with high efficiency, less noise, and lower energy consumption, which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control, give you best pedal experience
    2.Motor torque ripple is reduced to minimum through FOC, more smooth and comfortable 
    3.Universal Input Voltage Range: 48V/60V/72V
    4.Work with or without display
    5.Parameter setting via Mobile Phone App or Computer
    6.All protection make it long life and safe: over/under voltage, over current, over load, over heating, anti-runaway, locked-motor protection
    7.Multi functions: Smart match with different motor, 5-speed level for throttle and PAS, Speed limit, reverse, anti-thief, Regenerative Braking, Electric Braking, Keyless start and etc.
    8.Best heat sinking with thicker Heat sink Aluminium Plate
    9.Anodized Aluminium Controller Case against scratch
    10.Mobile phone App can communicate with the controller to modify parameter
    RisunMotor programmable sine-wave motor controller works with high efficiency, less noise, and lower energy consumption, which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control. Our designed friendly interface of the programmable motor controller makes you set the parameters, conduct the tests and obtain the diagnostic info easily and quickly.
    1. FOC-180° sinusoidal drive controller applied to BLDCM or PMSM.
    2. It takes only 2-3 minutes for the motor to be well matched on its best electronic angle at the first time.
    3. The motor torque ripple will be reduced to the minimum, so as to ensure electric vehicle to run without any noise and vibration, smoothly, and comfortably.
    4. The precise current ring can provide accurate torque input to meet the requirement of large torque output during vehicle starting and climbing.
    5. The controller enjoys high efficiency due to space vector converter control algorithm which can effectively reduce the temperature rise of controller and extend battery life mileage
    6. Built-in various protection: locked-rotor protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, speed protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and so on, effectively ensuring the safety of electronic control system and vehicle.
    7. System status and fault intelligent management system can effectively monitor the current system operating mode external input state, the case of system failure, and the LED flashes at the same time to facilitate the diagnosis and maintenance.
    8. Multi peripheral interfaces: reverse, cruise, anti-theft electronic brake, etc.
    9. Parameter modifications and settings are available through Mobile phone via Bluetooth
    10. CAN BUS is optional to communicate with body instrument and BMS

48V-72V 19" 5000W-10800W QS273 High Power Speed eBike Conversion Kits +Intelligent Control System With Bluetooth Module

QS273 3.5T Motor 19" Motorcycle Wheel Kits;
Sabvoton 48-72V 150A Controller;
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