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    Thiple Battery Pack Balance Parallel Connection Module (Dual discharge)



    Dual Battery Pack Switcher Module can manage two battery packs which fixed on your bike, low power, Consumption design, real-time detect the voltage of both two battery packs, Battery on-line check.

    This module can make both two batteries to discharge together to power the ebike , it will auto compare the voltage of each battery and adjust the current output for each battery.

    This dual battery balance module works as this way: firstly will compare which battery pack has higher voltage then will discharge higher voltage battery pack firstly till same voltage as another battery pack, then will discharge both batteries together till end. This module will discharge one battery pack or both batteries together at same time.


    Maximum output current: 40A
    Nominal Voltage: 20-72V
    Plug Connector: XT60
    12 AWG Silicone Wire
    Wire length: 10cm

    Size:  45x18.5x49mm

    Woking Temperature: -20-60℃

    Waterproof: yes
    Application: Connect 3 Batteries in Parallel / Three Times Capacity, will discharge higher voltage battery and then once voltage same will discharge both batteries together
    The three battery's voltage need to be almost same, and the battery's capacity can be different


    Working Process:

    1. MCU monitor voltage of both batteries in real time and send the voltage value by UART (Only if UART interface is available).

    2. Automatic Battery working detecting. Switch to the battery and discharge it, if only one battery is connected with this module.

    3. If the voltage of two batteries is not same, module will discharge battery with higher voltage firstly till two batteries voltage be same then will discharge both batteries together.

    4. Two batteries will discharge together when two batteries voltage is same (Iout=Ia+Ib, Ia=Ib).

    Dual Battery Pack Balance Parallel module Connect two battery in one module dual battery parallel module electric bike

40A Triple Battery Pack Balance Parallel module Connect three battery in one module discharge together

Triple Battery Pack Balance Parallel module;
Connect three battery in one module;
Dual battery discharge together
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